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Razor (C) Sharp scripting...

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<!-- Single statement block. -->
@{ var theMonth = DateTime.Now.Month; }
<p>The numeric value of the current month: @theMonth</p>

<!-- Multi-statement block. -->
var outsideTemp = 79;
var weatherMessage = "Hello, it is " + outsideTemp + " degrees.";

<p>Today's weather: @weatherMessage</p>

================================================== ======

For my client-side work I've been looking around again (IronRuby,
Sinatra, Mono, Rails...) and gosh darned but the most exciting thing
I'm seeing this time around is this new "templating engine" from the
Evil Empire.

note var type for outsideTemp was never declared, note that converting
itself to a String is automatic....

The whole C# / Razor thing seems, somehow, like it might be largely
inspired by Ruby?

Just my humble impression.

It seems a real shame that IronRuby isn't alive and well enough to
kick it up with C# in this particular niche?


SwarmShepherd aka Thunk

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