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Ok, well Im working with .Net 2.0 (VB to be exact) in a ASP.NET

Im sold on the Code folder(soon to become Application_Code I belive)
and I SOLD on the MS implementation of Business Objects with that and
the ability to bind them to data controls

NOW all that said

Where can I find a sample that does ADD, UPDATE and DELETE in a VB
sample ?

I created a class CutomerObject and it has GetCustomer that does a
Select * on Customers , and Binds it to a Grid


Now I stubbed Update, Delete and Insert for the moment because well, I
can get it working but I want to have those available to the Grid
(less Insert of course since for some reason you cant insert through a
Grid without writing some extra code , why is that MS ?)

What would be MUCH appreciated from any souls out there is what do I
need to do in my Update and Delete methods of the object ?

What is the PROPER way to do this in .Net 2.0 using the RECCOMEDED MS

Please any sample that do update and delete from a class to an

Pretty please ?

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