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How to implement a music playlist player in Ruby?

Biku DAA
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Hi Guys,

I am fairly new in the music/playlist related programming. I want to
create a website with a player which plays the selected playlist and
keep tracks (or populated in DB) of the number of times a music being
played and links to Artist and Album related to the song.

Can you point me to the ideas or the best resources, please? Thanks in

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jake kaiden
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hi Biku -

i don't really know anything about implementing this in a webpage -
but the desktop audio-player i've written uses gstreamer for playback,
duration, seeking, etc. gstreamer works well, though unfortunately the
docs are quite outdated, and you've got to hunt around for solutions a
lot of times. the gnome2 section of this forum is a good place for
gstreamer questions.

i haven't tried this:
but it looks like it could be a good option as well.

good luck!


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