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Errno::EEXIST File Exists error when installing 'ferret' gem fromlocal .gem file

Brandon Simmons
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Hi all,

This is a cross-post from:

I am trying to install the ferret ruby gem on a RHEL zlinux (s390x
architecture) machine, and am trying to install a .gem file after
patching it so that it will compile.

But even trying to install the pristine fetched gem, it fails as follows:

[ me@s390x ]$ sudo gem fetch ferret
Downloaded ferret-0.11.6
[ me@s390x ]$ sudo gem install -lV ferret-0.11.6.gem
Installing gem ferret-0.11.6
Using local gem /home/rubyusr/rubygems/gems/cache/ferret-0.11.6.gem
ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::EEXIST)
File exists - /home/rubyusr/rubygems/gems/gems/ferret-0.11.6/bin

None of the above-mentioned directories or files related to "ferret"
existed before running this command.

Also strange is that
/home/rubyusr/rubygems/gems/gems/ferret-0.11.6/bin is a directory,
although maybe that is a normal complaint.

A final complicating factor is when I run the gem command I am
actually running a shell script that sets the environment variables
for my unusual rubygems directory (I haven't had any problems so far
with this set up). Here is my gem shell script:


export GEM_HOME=/home/rubyusr/rubygems/gems
export GEM_PREFIX=/home/rubyusr/rubygems
export RUBYLIB=$GEM_PREFIX/lib:/usr/lib/ruby:/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby:/usr/lib/site_ruby



I forgot to add that running the gem install command normally does not
seem to result in this error (but ferret fails to compile), with the

posh.h:515:4: error: #error POSH cannot determine target CPU

Brandon Simmons

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