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xml parsing in ruby

Saleem Vighio
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I am very new to ruby language and have problem in xml parsing in ruby.
Please help. The problem is to parse an xml file(xmlfile.xml) in ruby
that should generate a code which should look like as under:

<declaration>typedef int[0,2] StateTC;
const StateTC TC_ACTIVE = 0;
const StateTC TC_COMPLETING = 1;
const StateTC TC_ENDED = 2;


typedef int[0,2] StateP;
const StateP P_ACTIVE = 0;
const StateP P_COMPLETING = 1;
const StateP P_ENDED = 2;

StateP stP = P_ACTIVE;

typedef int[0,1] MsgsTC;
const MsgsTC PREPARE_TC = 0;
bool msgsTc[MsgsTC];

typedef int[0,1] MsgsP;
const MsgsP COMPLETE_P = 0;
bool msgsP[MsgsP];


I attach 2 files: xmlfile(source file), and rubyfile(my try) . Can you
please help me in writing ruby code that generates output as shown above
from xmlfile.

Thanks in advance.



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