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[ANN] Ruber 0.0.4 released

Stefano Crocco
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Ruber 0.0.4 has been released today

Ruber web page:
Ruber repository:

Another couple of bugs preventing startup or basic functionality from worki=
fixed (sorry for the noise, by the way).

=46rom the Ruber home page:

Ruber is a fully modular IDE for ruby written in ruby using korundum, the K=
ruby bindings which works on Linux (and should work on other Unix-like=20

=46ully modular:

Except for the basic infrastructure, all of Ruber=E2=80=99s functionality i=
s provided=20
by plugins. This means that any user can easily augment Ruber=E2=80=99s fea=
tures by=20
writing his own plugin. He can also replace functionality provided by the=20
plugins coming with Ruber in a way which integrates seamlessly with Ruber=20

Written in ruby:

Ruber is written in ruby, and so, of course, are its plugins. This means th=
its users already know the language needed to extend it. A very different=20
situation from, for example, Netbeans where you=E2=80=99d need to learn Jav=
a to write=20
a plugin for programming in ruby (in other aspects, Netbeans is a good IDE,=
with very nice plugins for developing in ruby).

Using the KDE ruby bindings:

Ruber uses the wonderful KDE ruby bindings, which makes it expecially suita=
for people using a KDE desktop (but can be enjoied also by users with a=20
different desktop). In particular, Ruber makes use of the excellent Kate pa=
for the editor window, meaning it has the extremely well-written ruby synta=
highlighter and most of the tools Kate itself has.

If you try it, please let me know what do you think.


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Daniel Ribeiro
Posts: n/a
Scala solved this problem (which can viewed as a lack of the "uniform
return type principle") on its collection library on version 2.8:

It used implicits arguments to do this. It is not a simple design, but
it is quite general.

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