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rspec-1.3.1 and rspec-rails-1.3.3 are released!

David Chelimsky
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I just released rspec-1.3.1 and rspec-rails-1.3.3.

These are mostly bug fixes that have been sitting around for all to long =
as I focused on rspec-2 (coming very soon).

Report issues for rspec[-rails]-1.x to =



=3D=3D=3D rspec-1.3.1 / 2010-10-09

* enhancements
* Array =3D~ matcher works with subclasses of Array (Matthew Peychich =
& Pat Maddox)
* config.suppress_deprecation_warnings!

* bug fixes
* QuitBacktraceTweaker no longer eats all paths with 'lib'
(Tim Harper - #912)
* Fix delegation of stubbed values on superclass class-level methods.
(Scott Taylor - #496 - #957)
* Fix pending to work with ruby-1.9

* deprecations
* share_as (will be removed from rspec-core-2.0)
* simple_matcher (will be removed from rspec-core-2.0)

=3D=3D=3D rspec-rails-1.3.3 / 2010-10-09

* enhancements
* replace use of 'returning' with 'tap'

* bug fixes
* support message expectation on template.render with locals (Sergey
Nebolsin). Closes #941.
* helper instance variable no longer persists across examples
(alex rothenberg). Closes #627.
* mock_model stubs marked_for_destruction? (returns false).

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