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[ANN] Money 3.1.0.pre2

Shane Emmons
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Money 3.1.0.pre2
* moved @rounding_method from Money::Bank::VariableExchange to
Money::Bank::Base (closes #1
* added #setup and call after #initialize in Money::Bank::Base (closes
* update/fix documentation (closes #17)

Money 3.1.0.pre1
* Implemented Money::Bank::Base (closes #14)
* Added Bank::Base#exchange_with
* Deprecated Bank::Base#exchange (removal in 3.2.0)
* Implented Money::Bank::VariableExchange
* Deprecated Money::VariableExchangeBank (removal in 3.2.0)
deprecation target to Money 3.2.0. (closes #16)
* Fixed rounding error in Numeric#to_money (closes #15)
* Implemented #has for Money and Money::Currency
* Refactored test suite to conform to RSpec conventions
* Moved project from to
* Added Simone Carletti to list of authors

Starting in v3.1.0 we will be making two changes to the exchange
process. First
a new `Bank::Base` class will be available. This will allow users to
easily create custom `Bank` classes. Secondly the default `#exchange`
will be depreciated and a new `#exchange_with` method will be used.
`#exchange` passes the `cents` attribute. `#exchange_with` will pass the
actual `Money` object instead.
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