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[ANN] Rainbows! 0.4.0 - EventMachine+async_sinatra support

Eric Wong
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Rainbows! is a HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications. It is based on
Unicorn, but designed to handle applications that expect long
request/response times and/or slow clients. For Rack applications not
heavily bound by slow external network dependencies, consider Unicorn
instead as it simpler and easier to debug.

* Removed)
* git://


Basic single-threaded EventMachine support is now included. It
supports async_synatra[1] via the "async.callback" Rack
environment[2]. For EventMachine, we rely on the updated
attach/watch API in EventMachine 0.12.10.

As Revactor 0.1.5 is now available, our Revactor support now
depends on it as it adds the ability to listen on UNIX domain

Of course, all dependencies (besides Unicorn and Rack) are
soft and only loaded if your configured concurrency model
requires it.

For developers/QA folks, the integration tests are completely
revamped for easier maintenance when new concurrency models are
introduced and should also produce TAP-compliant output. The
test suite remains highly parallelizable using GNU make.

There are immediate plans to expand support for both Rev and
EventMachine to support use with threaded application dispatch.

Eric Wong (41):
rev: remove Revactor-specific workaround
README: change ordering of concurrency model listing
tests: more correct HTTP/0.9 test
test-lib: avoid stalling due to bad FIFO handling
rev: fix static file responses under HTTP/0.9
add news bodies to site NEWS.atom.xml
tests: avoid needlessly remaking "rainbows"
initial EventMachine support
tests: hopefully fix stalls in input trailer tests
tests: avoid race condition in reopen logs test
tests: prefer "RUBY" to lowercased "ruby"
tests: common setup and wait_start functions
tests: add a TAP producer shell library
tests: port all existing tests to TAP library
tests: remove symlinks and small files, use Make
t9000: bail if run with an unsupported/pointless model
tests: allow "make $model" to run tests for that model
rev: spell ECONNABORTED correctly
rev/evma: move common code for event models into ev_core
ev_core: do not drop deferred bodies on graceful quits
eventmachine: get basic tests working
rev: do not File.expand_path on result of body.to_path
eventmachine 0.12.8 passes all tests
tests: make large file memory tests more reliable
eventmachine: require EM 0.12.10
update gem dependencies in comments/
rev: enforce Rev::VERSION >= 0.3.0
eventmachine: add async_sinatra support
tests: only load Revactor tests under 1.9.1
tests: gracefully exit if EventMachine is not available
tests: error out if socat + curl aren't reachable
thread*: fix MRI 1.8.6 compatibility cleanups and minor reorg
eventmachine: remove unnecessary ivar assignment
eventmachine: document our support of "async_synatra"
doc: Update TODO and README
tests: generate all dependencies atomically
app_pool: update RDoc
test-lib: DWIM handling of temp UNIX sockets
revactor: require 0.1.5, remove 0.1.4 workarounds
gemspec: bump up Unicorn dep version to 0.93.4

[2] this is not 100% Rack::Lint compatible, but we'll let it
slide since there are already folks depending on
the async_sinatra gem

Eric Wong

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