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web service dataset

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I have a web service that calls SP's and returning a dataset. At times the
data is coming back as 0 and if that is the case i need to display nothing
just leaving it blank. With accessing data like this how can I check to see
if the data is 0?



if ISDN is 0 i need to display nothing. how can i do that?
I'm using a datalist to display the output. and calling the web method in
the web service. code to all the web service

public GetAllBooks()
dim me as = new
dim ds as new dataset
dim dvBook as new dataview

ds = me.GetBooks()
dvBook = ds.table(0).defaultView
dlBooks.datasource = dbBook

end sub

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Steven Cheng[MSFT]
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Hi Mike,

As for the DataSet's checking problem you mentioned, I think Shailesh's
suggestion that use the select method of the datatable is considerable if
the the <ISDN> is just a simple column in the DAtaTable. Also, since the
DataSet has GetXml method which can help return the dataset's xml
representation, you can use the APIS under the System.Xml namespace to
query this <ISDN> element (such as using the SelectSingleNode with
specified xpath). Thanks.


Steven Cheng
Microsoft Online Support

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