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Re: 4 ASP.Net & C# questions

Frank Mamone
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4) Try Debug.WriteLine(); You'll need to run the project in Debug mode of

There's also other commands you can lookup like:


The cool thing about it is that you can leave the Debug code in and it will
be ignored when you compile for Release.

You may also want to lookup the Trace commands which can write debug info to
a Trace file , event log , etc.

Hope this helps.

- Frank

"ASP Yaboh" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> 1) In JSP, the <form>'s "action" tag could point to a servlet. Is there
> similar functionality in ASP.Net, i.e. can a C# class be called like a
> servlet?
> 2) In some ".aspx.cs" files I can access the HTML's <form> object but

> I can not. In both cases, the <form> tag has an "id", "name" and
> "runat=server". What do I need to do to reliably expose the HTML <form>?
> UPDATE: I found the <form> object is not available to the .aspx.cs page
> unless I close my project and reopen it! I am using VS.Net 2003

> Development Environment 2003 version7.1.3088 and .Net Framework 1.1
> version1.1.4322).
> 3) When I do a "document.forms[0].submit()" through javascript, what, if
> any, event handler in the associated "aspx.cs" catches this submit?
> 4) There are some cases when debugging C# classes in an ASP.Net web
> application where I would like to display data to the Output console. I

> "Console.Writeline" but the text did not appear in the Output window. How

> I display data in a C# class that is part of an ASP.Net web app?
> I am new to ASP.Net but have several years experience in JSP. Any

> would be appreciated.
> Thank you.

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