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[Ann] verify-0.3

Robert Dober
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Hi list

this is to announce the release of verify-0.3.
It is released as a gem too, finally!!!

009-06-18 Verify ( Mockify )

Stripped away from Labrador/Lab419 as a standalone package, under the
same license.
Ruby1.9 only!

* Mockify got a with_input method, thus stdin and stdout can be mocked now.

* Verify: verify and refute support the explicit argument form now:
While the original call syntax still is supported and encouraged to
be used, it makes it
difficult to debug failing tests. The explicit parameter form
prints the - optional -
descriptive message *and* the target and the actual value.

* Verify shorter output for Verify do ... end, while the whole resume
remains verbose and
still indicates failure "graphically" in the last line.

* All modules were kept in the Lab419 module which remains the
"logical" super project for

For some examples please look into README


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Robert Dober
Posts: n/a

for manual downloads

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