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Cygwin build of Ruby 1.9.1p0 fails test_io.rb test 7

Frank J. Lhota
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I downloaded the 1.9.1p0 Ruby source code and built it using the
Cygwin tools. I ran the bootstrap test on this build. The Cygwin build
passed every test outside of the file bootstrap/test_io.rb. This build
hung on the second test in test_io.rb. This is not terribly
surprising, given that others have reported errors with this test on
other platforms. But after taking out test 2, I found that the Cygwin
build hung on test 7 in the same file:

50.times do
assert_normal_exit %q{
at_exit { p :foo }

megacontent = "abc" * 12345678"megasrc", "w") {|f| f << megacontent } { sleep rand*0.2; Process.kill(:INT, $$) }

r1, w1 = IO.pipe
r2, w2 = IO.pipe
t1 = { w1 << megacontent; w1.close }
t2 = { }
IO.copy_stream(r1, w2) rescue nil
r2.close; w2.close
r1.close; w1.close
}, '', ["INT"] or break

Has anyone had any problems with this test? Is there a patch that
would allow Ruby 1.9.1 on Cygwin to pass test 2 and/or test 7 in
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