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Ruby in vim throws an error

Brandon Olivares
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I wasn't sure where else to post this. I just installed the Ruby
configuration files for vim, from

When I enable indentation like:

filetype plugin indent on

When I open a .rb file, it gives an error about not being able to open
some file in /tmp. It references line 81 of ftplugin/ruby.vim, which is:

let s:rubypath = system("ruby -e '" . s:code . "'")

A few lines earlier, s:code is assigned as:

let s:code = "print ($: + begin; require %q{rubygems};
Gem.all_load_paths.sort.uniq; rescue LoadError; []; end).join(%q{,})"

I'm rather new to vim, so don't know enough about this to know more
about what's going on.

I'm on vim 7.1, ruby 1.8.7 if it's relevant, and running it on Cygwin

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