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Strange behaviour with sleep() in a thread...

Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality
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I have a thread created with that does some polling. I don't
want it to busy wait so I call the sleep method like so:


...this should allow me to poll every minute which is good enough for my
application. However, I'm finding that calling sleep from a thread in this
manner often sleeps for a good deal longer than a minute. So far, I find it
sleeping for about 8 or so minutes. The main thread is blocked in a gets
What I'm actually trying to do is implement a simple timer. I'm trying
to do something at a certain point in time, like a cron job, without busy
Why is sleep behaving so strangely? Is there a simple way of doing what
I'm trying to do?
Thank you...

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Roger Pack
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> Why is sleep behaving so strangely? Is there a simple way of doing
> what

If you're on 1.8.x then your two threads are actually one "real thread"
running two green threads. One of the green threads [the gets] might be
blocking and not allowing control to return to the other.
Fix (should this be the case): make the one not block, or use 1.9
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