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Macos sucking up the universe!

Leslie Viljoen
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[Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]


I have a small ppc MacMini, and I decided to try and get a nice Ruby
environment on it. It shipped
with 1.8.2 and no Gems. So I downloaded RubyGems and ran setup.rb. It told
uninitialized constant Gem::Etc, which I replaced with "your Ruby is too
old" in my mind
(possibly incorrectly).

So I downloaded Fink to get Ruby updated. Fink said that I needed OS10.5. So
I downloaded
older Fink that needed OS10.4, which I had. Then I ran Fink's update and it
said I needed
XCode. So I installed that from the DVD which came with the computer.

Then Fink said:

You are attempting to use the new 10.4 tree with an old version (build 5026)
of the gcc 4.0 compiler, which is not supported. Please update your XCode
XCode 2.2.1 or later, and try again.

So then I had to go onto an Apple website and sign up. And soon discovered
XCode 2.2.1 is at least 800MB, and XCode 3 is about 1GB. Not sure which to
get, I started
downloading XCode 2.3.

But seeing as I have a 3GB monthly cap on my Internet, and used that all up
Xubuntu last week, is there a better way?? Do I really need to download
almost 1GB
just to get RubyGems??


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Clifford Heath
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Leslie Viljoen wrote:
> Do I really need to download almost 1GB just to get RubyGems??

Macports is the go, fink unnecessary. Can't say how big the
initial download is, but if you're a developer, you should
install XCode anyhow.

Clifford Heath.
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