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Who's Charles angry at?

Joshua Ballanco
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Well, I just came across this in my feed reader:

Mymymy...such vitriol! Look, I've never had anything against JRuby. In
fact, I'm very interested (and less involved than I should be) in
MacRuby (which, I noticed, did _not_ get a mention in that rant). I also
feel like Rubinius is an interesting project. That said, I've always
worried that Ruby is heading down Smalltalk's slippery slope.

What heartened me a bit was that all of the various implementations
(excluding MagLev...whatever happened to those guys?) are FOSS, and
there is an active process attempting to standardize Ruby. You can find
the page over on PBWiki:

...or at least it was active? I know the late summer lends itself more
to vacations than days-long hack-fests. Still, it'd be nice to know that
there will be more coming down the pipe from the ruby-design process.
Ruby 1.9 looks good. I think I'd feel a lot better about JRuby if I knew
their group was on-board with the whole 1.8-->1.9-->2.0 process. I
realize there is a lot of practical vs principle going on here, still...

So really then, what is it going to take? I don't think Ruby will fade
to obscurity, but it would be nice to see it succeed at least as much as
Python seems to have. If that success involves JRuby, I'm perfectly o.k.
with that!
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