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find_all_by returning nil with rspec

John Mark
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The statement
products = find_all_by_category_id(category_id)
in the Product model is returning nil with rspec.
I am expecting it to to return the stub that I provided it with. It does
not also work with fixtures.

Product model

def self.find_all_meeting_some_criteria_for_category(c ategory_id)
products = find_all_by_category_id(category_id)
products.each do |product|

Product spec

it "should find products given a category" do
product = mock_model(Product, :id => 1, :category_id => 1)
Product.stub(!find_all_by_category_id).with(anythi ng()).and_return([product])
Product.should_receive(:find_all_meeting_some_crit eria_for_category).with(product.category_id)
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