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submit form data concept

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When people say submit the form data, does it mean the form data are
submitted to web browser using either HTTP GET or POST method, and then it
will redirect to another page.

For example, this is page1.aspx

<form action="page2.aspx" method="post">

means it will submit the page1.aspx form data to the web server, and then
redirect from page1.aspxto page2.aspx?

please clarify. thanks!!

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1. Submit page data to the page specified in <form action="somepage"> tag
which resides on the web server.

2. With ASP.NET, you cannot post page data to someother page i.e., <form
action="somepage"> will not be considered. ASP.NET will always post to

3. If you want to post data to someother page then you must remove
"runat=server" attribute from <form> tag (this will make it behave like a
normal html form element)

4. With ASP.NET 2.0 (beta 1 is available), it is possible to post data to
other pages.

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