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print(true and true) #=> the parenthesis issue

Dave Bass
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Robert Klemme wrote:
> Exactly. That's why I offered a variant that not only has the same
> semantics as my version with "and" but also reads much better than
> your double negation.

But my double negation is completely and absolutely clear! The whole
point of putting "unless x == false" is that it WON'T respond to nil,
only to false.

The x variable is presumably supposed to be Boolean, i.e. true/false. If
there's a possibility that some_work() could return nil and assign it to
x, it's likely to be because something went wrong within some_work().
That can and should be picked up by a separate test such as "if x.nil?".

It's shortcuts like writing "if x" instead of "unless x == false" that
conceal the potential for bugs. If one means "unless x == false" then
one should write it. If on the other hand one means "unless (x == false
|| x == nil)" then one should write that instead.

Clarity is more important than conciseness.

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