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New Tab HTML Tag

L Gray
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Leonidas Jones wrote:
> L Gray wrote:
>> Stuart wrote:
>>> It would be quite nice to have Mozilla accept one non-standard piece
>>> of code - a special tag that will open a new tab. perhaps an addition
>>> to <a href="" target="_blank"> that would still make lesser browsers
>>> open a new window.

>> Sorry, but I disagree. If I want a new window, I right-click on a
>> link and open it in a new window. If I want a new tab, I right-click
>> and open a new tab. If I don't want either, I left-click and expect
>> the page to load in the current window. You're assuming that you know
>> what I like better than I do. In the words of Flip Wilson's
>> Geraldine, "You don't know me THAT well!"
>> L

> Yes but, don't ignore that web designers can and do target links to new
> windows.
> The only way I know of to force news tabs instead of new window, is Tab
> Browser Extensions.
> Lee

I'm not ignoring it, Lee. I wish I could. But just because there's
already a way to present the customer with something he doesn't want,
that isn't a justification for creating a new way to give him something
*else* he doesn't want.

Too often web designers use a functionality just because it exists, and
they think it's neat, when in practice it's nothing more than an
irritant to the one who's visiting the page (can you say blinking
text?). Frankly, I think the web would be a whole lot nicer place if
there were no tag extensions for new targets at all (no pop-ups, for one

As the Zen Master said to the hotdog vendor,
"Make me one with everything."

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bodikon bodikon is offline
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Hey All

I know that the people posting 'IE SUCKS' and 'Don't Do It' may have good intentions, but if people are asking, they want to know.

I need to know the answer to this question for an intranet where we need to control the users actions.

The company uses IE, it would be nice to know that we don't have to write extensions....
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Rex the Strange Rex the Strange is offline
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Originally Posted by A Hess
The closest thing I can think of is <a href="" target="_blank"> but
that's not really the wisest thing to do. You have no way of knowing
what a visitor to your page wants to do.
I beg to differ - this is completely the wisest thing to do. In my opinion (as that was yours and you might want to point that out instead of sounding like an arrogant know-it-all ass) you want every external link from the site to be on a new page - from a marketing standpoint you don't want people leaving your page until they actually make an active decision to do so. That's courtesy to the visitor, instead of saying "okay, it's time for you to leave, now."
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