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Pickaxe 3 applicable to 1.8?

Tobias Weber
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working with ruby 1.8 I use my paper Piackaxe 2 for reference. But I
spend a lot of time on trains, without the book or net access...

Is the Pickaxe 3 PDF useable with 1.8 or does it just describe 1.9
without mentioning that this and that used to work differently?

Do I have to buy the 2nd edition PDF?
Or dcan you recommend sth that's free to download?

PS actually Pickaxe is not the ideal reference as information on
individual concepts is distributed among parts one and three...

Tobias Weber
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Ilan Berci
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Tobias Weber wrote:

> Do I have to buy the 2nd edition PDF?
> Or dcan you recommend sth that's free to download?


You can always display the ruby Rdocs for your long train rides.

IMHO, I wouldn't recommend PickAxe 3 for 1.8 as it is geared towards 1.9
and 1.9 will not be backwards compatible to 1.8.

If you are new to the language, there are some really cool things coming
in 1.9 that will only confuse you if you are getting up to speed with

As for Dloads, you can dload the first version of the Pickaxe book (ruby
1.6) but it's out dated for most things at this point.



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