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Unable to handle a browser window

Pranjal Jain
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In one web site when i am clicking on the page, a new browser window
is opening. But I cannot handle the window (i.e) I cannot the perform
the operations like writing the data in it; clicking on the "Save
Comments" button & closing the window.

I had written the code also:

require 'rubygems'
require 'watir/watir_simple.rb'
require 'test/unit'
require 'watir'
include Watir

require 'database'
# User defined library
require 'popup'
b = 0
$ie =
$ie.text_field(:name,'{actionForm.username}').set( $username[b].to_s)
$ie.text_field(:name,'{actionForm.password}').set( $password[b].to_s)
$ie.button(:name, '').click

if($,"javascriptpenWin('callComment esting
Practice&displayDate=Mon, 05-May-08 - Sun, 11-May-08( Week Number 19
)&userName=Pranjal.Jain&index=0&comments=','winAme nd',500,250)").exists?)
$,"javascriptpenWin('callCommentAct ing
Practice&displayDate=Mon, 05-May-08 - Sun, 11-May-08( Week Number 19
)&','winAmend',5 00,250)").click

startClicker( "Save Comments", 15 , "Hello") # function from popup
script is cld
puts "Sorry"

Here "startClicker" is the standard pop up handler function

Please suggest
Thanks in advance


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