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net/imap - "TO" can't find email

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I'm having trouble with the "search" feature of Net::IMAP. I'm
attempting to search for a message "TO" a particular recipient.

The email recipient is something like: Removed)

A search function of:["TO", "(E-Mail Removed)"])

.... simply returns nothing. By removing the mailbox details and only
searching for the domain:["TO", "@this.dom.ain"])

.... I return results. In fact, I can build the "TO" string as long
as:["TO", "(E-Mail Removed)"])

.... and results are returned.

What don't I understand? Is it my limited knowledge of Ruby, or the I'm not understanding???

Note: Here's the fetch "ENVELOPE" of the mail I'm after:

irb(main):073:0* imap.fetch(1179, "ENVELOPE")
<... snip...>
, to=[#<struct Net::IMAP::Address name="(E-Mail Removed)",
route=nil, mailbox="080416w_test", host="this.dom.ain">]
<... snip...>
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Interestingly, I can find the following (another entirely different

irb(main):107:0>["TO", "(E-Mail Removed)"])
=> [1174]

So it appears something about the "_" character in the mailbox of the
previous search might be the culprit:

`(E-Mail Removed)`
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