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xml/xslt external function

Une Bévue
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i want to use an external ruby function "w3ready " within an xsl ssheet
in order to transform a given text to unaccentuated.

calling the function :

<xsl:template match="/xCard">
<xsl:for-each select="GRPS/GRP/*">
<xsl:variable name="group_label" select="text()"/>
<xsl:variable name="page_name"

part of the xml :


the ruby function :

def w3ready( label )
puts "label = #{label}, label.class = #{label.class}"
s = ""
case( label.class.to_s )
when "Array"
s = label[ 0 ].u.www_ready
when "String"
s = label.u.www_ready
return s

i'm surprised here to get an Array instead of a String ( the reason for
the case when...)

#u.www_ready transforms "Maison de la Santé" into "maison_de_la_sante"
in order to build a file name.

the Array i get is of only one element...

where is my mistake here ?
Une Bévue
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Tim Perrett
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What XSLT parser are you using?
Ive just done a load of XSLT work and im not sure this is possible??


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