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Changing SOAP RPC/Encoded to Document/Literal format

Hung Nguyen
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Dear All,

I am very new to RoR here and would like to know how to switch our
application over from the default RPC/Encoded to Document/Literal SOAP

The example in soap4r-1.5.8 ...\sample\howto\documentliteral appears to
use the static "echo.wsdl" file. This file appears to have the settings
for style="document" and use="literal". I guess this is where to
specify RPC/Encoded and Document/Literal format. The section of the
code I am referring to is included below.

However, in our application we use dynamic wsdl and can not set these
settings. Would anyone know how to make RoR/SOAP4R to generate the
services in Document/Literal format? Any help is welcome and


From echo.wsdl:
<binding name="echoBinding" type="tns:echoPortType">
style="document" />
<operation name="echo">
<soapperation soapAction="urn:com.example:echo" style="document"
<input><soap:body use="literal" /></input>
<output><soap:body use="literal" /></output>
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