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defining methods dynamically
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On Nov 3, 2007 7:10 PM, brainopia <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > Exactly that was why I thaught of delegation, as I am not familiar
> > with the delegation idioms please forgive me that I handcoded it
> >
> > class Person
> > @roles = %w{ a b c d }
> > class << self; attr_reader :roles end
> > def method_missing name,*args,&blk
> > super unless name
> > ### do delegation here
> > @some_obj.send name, *args, &blk
> > end

> method_missing - is awfully slow, so if there is other option (like two
> from Dan Yoder) than better to use them at the cost of a few more lines.

I was showing the concept and I asked to imagine that delegation was
used, did I not?
However I do not think that the speed of method missing might be an
issue and dynamic delegation would probably be slow too.
Now if speed really is an issue you could of course do something like
the following
class DynamicDefiners
def initialize klass
@klass = klass
@names = [] # not used in this simple usecase
def add *names
@names += names
names.each do | name |
@klass.module_eval do
attr_accessor name # or more sophisticated stuff as defining delegators
def del *names
@names -= names
names.each do | name |
@klass.module_eval do
remove_method name # or more sophisticated stuff as deleting delegators

class Person
@roles = self
@roles.add *%w{ foo bar }
class << self; attr_reader :roles end
def initialize
@foo = 22
@bar = 32
@baz = 42

p =
puts( )
puts( ) rescue puts "no bar"
puts( p.baz ) rescue puts "no baz"

Person.roles.add "baz"
Person.roles.del "bar"

puts( )
puts( ) rescue puts "no bar"
puts( p.baz ) rescue puts "no baz"

I do not think one would need this stuff but who knows

what do I think about Ruby?

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