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[ANN] Rassmalog 7.1.0

Suraj Kurapati
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A static blog engine based on YAML, eRuby, and Rake.
It transforms blog entries written in Textile or other
formatting systems into valid XHTML files that you can
view on your computer or upload to your website.

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Version 7.1.0


• Features
• Repairs
• Updates

This release improves localization, updates the
documentation, and adds better error reporting.

1 Features #

• Added a “locale” parameter to the main blog entry
configuration file.

This parameter allows you to translate dates, times,
and currencies into any language of your choice. The
translation is performed by your operating system and
is NOT related to Rassmalog’s translation files in any

Thanks to Dieter Zinke for requesting this feature.

2 Repairs #

• The German translation file has been corrected by Josef
‘Jupp’ Schugt. Thanks!

• The stylesheets have been reformatted for easier
editing, thanks to Josef ‘Jupp’ Schugt.

• The API reference documentation now documents the
various parameters and attributes of blog entries (the
Entry object).

Thanks to Dieter Zinke for reminding me to do this.

3 Updates #

• Added better error detection and reporting when parsing
the blog configuration file and general blog entry
parameters. This makes it easier to distinguish between
problems in a blog entry vs. problems in Rassmalog.
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Suraj Kurapati
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I've made some slight improvements -- which, for some reason, always
come to mind just after I make a release -- on the error reporting
logic, hence the "error monger" name for this release. See the change
log below.



Version 7.1.1


• Caution
• Repairs

This release updates the documentation and improves error

1 Caution #

• In the config/format.rb file, the String.coderay and
String.redcloth have been renamed to
String.thru_coderay and String.thru_redcloth for
consistency with the String.thru_erb method.

2 Repairs #

• The stack trace of an error now shows the blog entry
file and/or the ERB template file(s) involved, instead
of always showing the ambiguous ‘(erb)’ identifier. As
a result, you can better trace the source of a problem.

• The CSS styles corressponding to the search form and
search results/error box have been moved into input/
styles/screen.css as requested by Josef ‘Jupp’ Schugt.

• Added documentation for more attributes in the API
reference documentation.

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