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read tables from SQL code

Bulhac Mihai
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i have a SQL code like this one:

SELECT Select_List
FROM Table_List
[WHERE Conditions]
[GROUP BY Column_List]
[UNION Clause]
[HAVING Conditions]
[ORDER BY Column_List]
[INTO Clause | TO Clause ]

can i read/save with ruby the columns involved in that SQL select?
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Sharon Rosner
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> can i read/save with ruby the columns involved in that SQL select?

If you use Sequel you can retrieve the columns for arbitrary SQL like

require 'sequel/mysql' # assuming you're using MySQL
DB = Sequel('mysql://localhost/mydb')
DB['select * from items'].columns #=> [:id, :name, ...]

But if you're already using Sequel why not construct your queries
using Ruby instead of SQL, e.g.:

dataset = DB.query do
from :items
where {:name =~ /^abc/ && rice < 100}
order_by :name
p dataset.columns
dataset.each {|r| p r}

You can find more information about Sequel here:

And you can also get help on Sequel-talk:


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John Joyce
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Ruby DBI will let you do exact SQL, like DBI in other languages.

ActiveRecord can do some of that select statement, but some of it no.
ActiveRecord does have the ability to execute direct SQL statements

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