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Curl/Curb - Adding an on_debug handler causes an exit code of "1"?

Rob Foxworthington
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Using the very handy Curb from <>...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems that the mere presence
of an on_debug handler causes the exit code of a script to be "1"
instead of "0".

Unfortunately my C skills are non-existent, so I don't understand
Curb's sources. The best I can do is provide this simple test case in

$ cat exit_code.rb
require "curl"
curl = ""

$ ruby exit_code.rb ; echo $?

$ cat exit_code_on_debug.rb
require "curl"
curl = ""
curl.on_debug { |type, data| true }

$ ruby exit_code_on_debug.rb ; echo $?

Using Curb 0.1.4, tried the above on Mac OS X 10.4 (ruby 1.8.6, curl
7.17.0) and CentOS 5 (ruby 1.8.5, curl 7.15.5)... same results.

Any hints, workaround, etc very much appreciated. -- Thanks!

Background: I have some Rake tasks that call code involving Curl/Curb
with an on_debug handler attached (used to capture "Cookie:" headers
added by libcurl's cookie engine). After the Curl/Curb stuff is
called, the exit code is "1" and Rake aborts, preventing follow-up
tasks from running.

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Rob Foxworthington
Posts: n/a
Follow-up: Upgrading to Ruby 1.8.6p110 seems to fix the problem.

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