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[ANN] RMagick OS X Installer 1.0.0

Tim Hunter
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This is the first production release of the RMagick OS X installer
script. Except for the version number bump there were no changes since
the previous release.

This Ruby script installs the current production release of RMagick on
OS X 10.4. As part of the process it installs the current release of
ImageMagick as well as the delegate libraries that support JPEG, PNG,
PDF and WMF images, TrueType (TTF) fonts and Postscript (Type1) fonts,
and optionally, TIFF images. Everything is built from source. This
script does not rely on MacPorts, fink, or RubyGems. Please read the
README file in the zip file before trying to run the script.

The RMagick OS X Installer is available at RubyForge:

RMagick is an interface to the ImageMagick ( and
GraphicsMagick ( image processing libraries.
RMagick supports more than 90 image formats, including GIF, JPEG, and
PNG. RMagick comes with comprehensive HTML documentation.

RMagick OS X Installer []
RMagick Hints & Tips []
RMagick Installation FAQ []

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