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MySql+UTF8 woes

Ronald Fischer
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I am experiencing a strange problem when retrieving Unicode values from
my MySql5 database on Windows. Here is what I have:

* All programs/modules in my application require in the beginning a file =

require 'jcode'

in the beginning, ensuring that "everything is done in Unicode".

* I checked that the MySql database is "as UTF-8 as possible", in
- in the table editor of the MySql Administrator, the character set
for the rows is listed as utf8 (with sorting order utf8_general_ci)
- The "start variables" tab of the Administrator says utf8 for the =
character set
- mysql.ini says=20
- On the mysql command line, I see

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character\_set\_%';
| Variable_name | Value |
| character_set_client | utf8 |=20
| character_set_connection | utf8 |=20
| character_set_database | utf8 |=20
| character_set_filesystem | binary |=20
| character_set_results | utf8 |=20
| character_set_server | utf8 |=20
| character_set_system | utf8 |=20

Indeed, the following works well:

When I store (from Ruby, via 'mysql' gem) a UTF-8 string
into the database, and later retrieve it, I get back exactly
what I had put in. This works equally well, whether I type
(using my UTF-8 enabled text editor) the character (for=20
example, a German umlaut) directly into the Ruby string,=20
which I then store, i.e. (table X having only one column)

sqlstatement=3D"INSERT INTO X VALUES ('=F6')"

or whether I write the code point in hexadecimal:
uml_o=3D"\xc3\xb6" # =F6, i.e. German umlaut-o in UTF-8 encoding
sqlstatement=3D"INSERT INTO X VALUES ('#{uml_o}')"

In both cases, when I retrieve the rows with=20
dbhandle.query("SELECT * FROM X")
I eventually get back the row with my "=F6" as a UTF-8=20
2-Byte-sequence C3 B6.

So far OK. But there are several things which do not work:

(1) When I look at the database table using the SQL Administrator,
I do not see the letter '=F6', but instead the characters =
to the Windows ANSI code sequence for C3 and B6 characters.

(2) When I manually enter data into the database using MySql
Administrator, by submitting the SQL statement
the =F6 is displayed fine when looking at the table with a SELECT
using the Administrator, but when I read the table from Ruby, I do
not get back a 2 byte UTF-8 sequence for the umlaut, but only one=20
byte with hex code F6. Note that this F6 corresponds to the ANSI=20
code for =F6 in Windows.

(3) When I put the unicode data into a file, and use a Java application
to read the file and write the data into the database (using JDBC), =
I look at the database then with MySql Administrator, I can see the=20
German characters; and when I then read them back with my Ruby=20
application, I get it encoded in Windows ANSI, not Unicode.

Observations (1) and (2) could be explained in the way that maybe the=20
MySql administrator interface was not written with UTF-8 in minde. What
surprises me more is that when writing data using Java (which is =
Unicode aware) and reading it back with Ruby, causes somewhere a =
from UTF-8 into Windows ANSI.=20

Does someone have experienced a similar problem and can point out a =
reason for it?

Ronald Fischer <(E-Mail Removed)>
Phone: +49-89-452133-162

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