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SslRequirement module

Ryan Sobol
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This is a question is about the SslRequirement rails plugin. However,
it's also about core concepts behind ruby modules.

Here's the code for the plugin.

Here's an example of how you use it.

I've used this plugin all over the place in my app. But now, I want
to do some performance testing on the app WITHOUT using https (mainly
because I don't have control over port 443 on the test machine).
Ideally, I want to add a toggle variable to the module that I can set
from an environment file or application_controller if I must. What I
don't want to do is go around the app and comment out all my
ssl_required statements.

I'm at a loss as where to inject this toggle, and whether it should be
a class variable or class instance variable or maybe something
completely different. Any and all advice is welcome.


PS - Yes, I've double posted this in the rails talk and ruby
discussion groups.

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