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Sending mail to own account not working

Steve Court
Posts: n/a
dantu wrote:

> Steve Court wrote:
>> dantu wrote:
>>> : : b r i a n : : wrote:
>>>> dantu wrote:
>>>>> Um, your Removed) on your POP is the SAME
>>>>> address as the (E-Mail Removed) on your webmail! Its not two
>>>>> different addrresses.

>> OF course! Two ways of picking up the same account. I do have other
>> webmail accounts which are nothing to do with this issue.
>>>>> When your webmail 'picks' it up from the mail server, it wont be
>>>>> there when you check with Mozilla, becuase its already been picked up.

>> No, I've set Mozilla to leave messages on the server to eliminate that.
>>>>> To be able to 'see' the message on your POP server, you would have
>>>>> to disengage the webmail, so it doesnt pick it up and remove it
>>>>> from the server.
>>>>> i.e. When you send to (E-Mail Removed), the message is
>>>>> delivered there. You will then see it in only ONE place, either in
>>>>> POP or Webmail, whichever one gets it first, the other one wont see
>>>>> it.
>>>> I can check my email via Cox webmail all day long, and it still
>>>> downloads to Thuderbird. The email is still stored on the server
>>>> when checked via webmail -- it's only being viewed from the server,
>>>> not downloaded to the local computer.
>>> Depends on the webmail in use. Some, such as yours, leave it on the
>>> server, others do not.

>> That's a setting on the client - I've set mine to leave it on the
>> server whilst troubleshooting this problem.
>> Anyway, update - I've narrowed the problem down to my smtp server.
>> When I change the smtp server in Mozilla, the problem goes away! So at
>> least I know how to get round the irritating issue.
>> So it's not a Mozilla problem, but I'm now curious as to why my smtp
>> server would do that? It's only just started happening, anyone know
>> the ins-ans-outs of smtp servers to shed any light?
>> Steve

> Steve
> You are using only one SMTP server right? Mozilla has a bad
> habit of creating problems when more than one SMTP server is used in a
> profile.
> I suggest only using ONE SMTP server, for all the accounts on
> the profile. The only difference will be that some (most?) will have
> incorrect headers, but who looks at those anyway <g>.
> i.e. If you have an account, and an earthlink account,
> and a cox account say, you can send ALL your email via if you'd
> like, there is no downside to it really. Most SMTP servers dont care
> what you put in the from address anyway.
> For example, I have accounts on 3 ISPs, but only use one of
> the SMTP servers to send from. Replies to each message will still be
> directed to the account specified in the from address (or reply to if
> used).
> Think of SMTP servers (outbound) like postal drop boxes. No
> matter if your 'usual' box is on the corner of the street, if you have
> occassion to use one across town, the mail still goes thru. The drop
> boxes dont care

Thanks for the info - yes, I'd read that bit about multiple SMTP
servers, and normally I wouldn't have more than the default. I've placed
a support call with my domain hosters, they accept that it's a problem
their end and are looking into the smtp server configuration.

I only queried Mozilla as I've just started using it, and have not had
this problem with many other mail accounts and clients

Thanks for the responses

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