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DBI, native extensions, etcetera.

Peter Seebach
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I want to do some databasey stuff. DBI/DBD looks to be unmaintained
(or at least, has a large and apparently untouched bug list). The native
ruby-postgresql driver I found, while it does work, is massively
underdocumented, or at least, I couldn't find anything telling me what
the difference between 'quote' and 'escape' was, and some web pages
suggest that the API used is obsolescent anyway.

Assuming that I want to use postgresql with Ruby, what should I use?

Perhaps more importantly, if I wanted to contribute documentation or
code fixes, is there an interface around that would be interested in

I would, for the record, very much like to get the actual text of error
messages back, not just an abstraction. The postgresql driver I'm
using right now (it has a PGconn class, if that's any use) does this,
but it looks a little undermantained.


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