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RDoc & Proc constants

Jesse Merriman
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I've been having a problem getting RDoc to recognize some Proc constants, and
boiled it down to this:

module Foo
Bar = lambda do puts end

Saw = lambda do

Tox = lambda do

Grom = lambda do
(0..2).each do |x|
puts x

When I run RDoc on this, load up the HTML, and click on Foo under Classes, only
Bar and Saw show up. When I click on test.rb under Files, only Tox shows up.
Shouldn't all 4 constants appear in both places? I've played around with
different options, and XML output, and the same thing happens.

$ rdoc -D 2>/dev/null | grep CONSTANT
#<RubyToken::TkCONSTANT:0xb7c47658 @text="Foo", @name="Foo", @char_no=7, @line_no=1>
#<RubyToken::TkCONSTANT:0xb7c43f1c @text="Bar", @name="Bar", @char_no=2, @line_no=2>
#<RubyToken::TkCONSTANT:0xb7c3b6a0 @text="Saw", @name="Saw", @char_no=2, @line_no=4>
#<RubyToken::TkCONSTANT:0xb79f17dc @text="Tox", @name="Tox", @char_no=2, @line_no=8>

So all 4 are being recognized as constants. Google tells me there have been
issues with multi-line constants before, but I don't know what the current
state of affairs is. Bug, or no?

$ rdoc --version
RDoc V1.0.1 - 20041108
$ ruby --version
ruby 1.8.5 (2006-12-04 patchlevel 2) [i686-linux]

Jesse Merriman Removed)

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