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Call a method before a method is called?

Ben Johnson
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Does ruby have "hooks". Where I can define, let's say, a method called
__before that will be called before ANY method call for that class?

Thanks for your help.

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Rodrigo Bermejo
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You can do it easily this way (depending what you really want):

def lady
puts "ladies go first"

class Myclass
def initialize
def man
puts "you look better from here"

/--> ladies go first
/--> you look better from here

A not OO solution is to use:

(from programming ruby book)

Every Ruby source file can declare blocks of code to be run as the file
is being loaded (the BEGIN blocks) and after the program has finished
executing (the END blocks).

begin code

end code

A program may include multiple BEGIN and END blocks. BEGIN blocks are
executed in the order they are encountered. END blocks are executed in
reverse order.

hope it helps


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