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Minor Change Proposal for Classe 'UnboundMethod'

Wolfgang Nádasi-Donner
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Minor Change Proposal for Classe 'UnboundMethod'
__________________________________________________ _____

I would like to make a small change suggestion on the class 'UnboundMethod'.


The proposal is to add one or two additional methods for class 'UnboundMethod',
which return the contents of 'UnboundMethod#to_s' as an two element Array or the
parts by two independant methods.

The method name used by here is only a suggestion, since I need a names for the

>>>>> Example for Workaround >>>>>

class UnboundMethod
def method_name
md = self.to_s.match(/Method:\s*([^#]+)#([^>]+)>/)
return md[1], md[2]

# Now an example

class Hugo
def hi
puts "An instance of Hugo says 'Hi!'"

my_hugo =
myhi = my_hugo.method(:hi)
unbound1 = myhi.unbind
unbound2 = Hugo.instance_method(:hi)

p unbound1.method_name # => ["Hugo", "hi"]
p unbound2.method_name # => ["Hugo", "hi"]
>>>>> End of Example >>>>>


Wolfgang Nádasi-Donner (WoNáDo)
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