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Eventmachine - pure Ruby port

Mark Haliday
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There was talk this past fall of a pure Ruby port of Eventmachine that
Francis was working on. Is there any status updates? I peeked in the
mailing list archive for Eventmachine but didn't seen anything new in

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Mark Haliday
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Jason Roelofs wrote:
> Just a warning, the pure-Ruby EM is dog slow comparatively. I'd suggest
> using the native version if you can.

This is something I'm wondering about. I've seen and used Twisted for
Python and its robust and can handle large amounts of traffic. I wonder
why Ruby seems to lack the robustness in the arena of sockets, etc. that
Python seems to have no issues with? Perhaps I'm seeing this all wrong,
so please correct me. Eventmachine as it is now is coded in C or C++,
correct? Yet even with the improvements in the Ruby core for sockets
the pure implementation of EM is going to be much slower. I have to
think Ruby has some issues still then in the arena of sockets? Will
YARV help any?

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On Jan 17, 2007, at 8:54 PM, Francis Cianfrocca wrote:

> (snip)
> By the way, is anyone interested in joining the team? Tony is now
> an EM
> committer and I'd like to have some more. Especially people who
> know a lot
> about Twisted. I want to see EM match Twisted's feature set. As far as
> stability is concerned, EM is in a very good place now, but it
> needs a lot
> more features, a lot more documentation, case studies, and evangelism.

I'm looking at adding netstrings support to EM so it's easier to add
new text-based protocols. I don't have an immediate need so I haven't
worked on this yet, but it's on my list. I'll be sure to wrap it up
in tests and write the appropriate docs too.


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