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Compiler can't find definition

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I have a VS.NET 2005 web application which I converted from VS.NET 2003. Everything has worked fine up to now. I have two projects in my solution, a Data Tier and another project holding the web forms. I'm using code-behind files for each web form.

Today I had to add a new method to one of my .cs file in my Data Tier. I rebuilt the DataTier and tried running my web app.

I get an error "'DataTier.clsMessage' does not contain a definition for 'GetThreadReplies'"

I opened my .cs file to make sure I didn't mis-spell the method "GetThreadReplies" but it is fine. The file seems to be ok. It IS defined as a method. I cannot see why I cannot compile my web app. The DataTier project compiles without any errors. It's when I compile the solution or the Web Site that the error pops up...

Is there something new in the compiling logic of VS.NET 2005 that I should be aware of? Everything compiled ok before adding the new method. It's the first time I needed to modify one of my DataTier (.cs) files.

Help ?


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