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[ANN] ZenTest 3.4.1 Released

Ryan Davis
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ZenTest version 3.4.1 has been released!

ZenTest provides 4 different tools and 1 library: zentest, unit_diff,
autotest, multiruby, and Test::Rails.

ZenTest scans your target and unit-test code and writes your missing
code based on simple naming rules, enabling XP at a much quicker
pace. ZenTest only works with Ruby and Test::Unit.

unit_diff is a command-line filter to diff expected results from
actual results and allow you to quickly see exactly what is wrong.

autotest is a continous testing facility meant to be used during
development. As soon as you save a file, autotest will run the
corresponding dependent tests.

multiruby runs anything you want on multiple versions of ruby. Great
for compatibility checking!

Test::Rails helps you build industrial-strength Rails code.


*** 3.4.1 / 2006-10-13

+ 3 minor enhancements:
+ FUNDAMENTALLY changed the way failures map back to tests. This
REQUIRES users of autotest to ensure that their tests and impls map
1:1 at every scoping level. I'll blog more details.
+ Hoe'd rakefile
+ Added support for render :collection to RenderTree.
+ 7 bug fixes:
+ Fixed autotest tests for custom ruby names.
+ Fixed some documentation errors in ControllerTestCase.
+ Fixed setup in FunctionalTestCase.
+ Allowed @assigns_ignored to contain either Symbols or Strings, bug
+ Using Object.path2class to look up classes in helper test cases,
bug 5493.
+ Added assert_text_area, bug 5452.
+ Renamed assert_select to assert_select_tag. Stupid rails. We were
here first.

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