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Re: How to get user's full name using HttpContext.Current.User

Mike Newton
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Allen Davis wrote:
> I have a need to store the full name of the current Active Directory user of my ASP.NET application when inserting and updating records in my SQL database. (IIS is using Windows auth only, the app is not impersonating and the ASPNET account is mirrored on the SQL server.) I haven't been able to find good source material for this yet. Can someone help point me in the right direction?
> I'm also hunting for good documentation about uploading and returning PDF documents from SQL through ASP.NET. Recommendations here would also be much appreciated.
> Thanks

You can get the full name of the user from the AD, using LDAP, if the
user name is stored in AD. Otherwise, you're just going to get the
Login name.

You probably want to use this
as a resource for ldap searches. It's pretty easy to construct an
application that lists all nodes in your LDAP (AD) directory.

A typical search string that you'd want to use would look something like...


That would get you the AD node, then you just have to retrieve the name

As for the uploading / returning PDF's, I would use byte arrays. You
can use blob fields in SQL Server to store that stuff, but I prefer
using the server's file system (you can easily access the files that
way) and earmarking it with an ID that is assigned by the database.
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