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Asp to Aspx, Response.Write Recordset.fields(1).value question

Gian Paolo Clarici
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I'm migrating one Asp page to Aspx.
There is a recordset and I need to Reponse.write the content of one of its
fields .
That field comes from a Numeric(5,2) SQL datatype
Its content is : 90.00

In Asp, the instruction

Response.Write Recordset.Fields(1).value

returns 90 (the trailing zero are automatically eliminated)

while in Aspx


return 90.00 (the trailing zero are NOT automatically eliminated)

It seems to be a problem of implicit/explicit conversion from to
string/decimal datatypes.

How can I obtain the same result (90) in aspx without having to force
particular convertions?
(for example the following will work
Response.Write( VAL (Recordset.Fields(1).value) )

but since I've a lot of page to convert with a lot of fields, I'm searching
for a solution that implies
something like a Global option to be set, without having to search for all
the decimal fields and then convert them.

sorry for my bad english


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