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ruby web programming, how to associate a relative link and a method?

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I am using ruby and eruby to learn web programming

The web exercise I am working on aggregates information from several
data sources. The default computation is presented on the main rhtml
page. I use eruby and open-uri to open the various html data sources
and regular expressions to extract the info, I can then process the
data and present it on the main rhtml page.

But I don't know how to create a link to offer an alternative
I would like to call the default
and to have an embeded relative link "/alt1" on that page which calls
the alternative computation, with the code for that alternative
computation in the same pgm.rhtml file.

in the original example for AOL associating a relative link and code is
done with
ad_register_proc GET /alt1 pgm_alt1
where pgm_alt1 is a procedure.

how is this done in eruby? I will need to have methods, which means I
need to have an explicit class. then how do I associate a relative link
to one of the class method?

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I think I found a website which explains how it is done.

First I need to set up Apache so that it knows how to associate a URL
and a directory
and then I need to set an overide, and write a .htaccess file which
will redirect me to a cgi file.
>From there, I call either of 2 methods which generate the default or

the alternative display
depending on the display.

Lets see if I have enough elements to get it to work!

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For now I have a program with Nitro which maps a relative link to a

in the controller folder I have a main.rb file
class Main
def index
@title = "Erb Example"
@body = task1 + task2
@urlname = "better still"
@urladd = "alternate"

def alternate
@title = "Advanced Example"
@body = task2 + task1
@urlname = "return"
@urladd = "index"


def task1
return "1"

def task2
return "2"

def emit
template = html )

def html
"<html><head><title><%=@title %></title></head>
<%= @body %>
<a href=<%= @urladd %>> <%= @urlname %></a>

in the main directory a file run.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'nitro'
require 'erb'
require 'controller/main'
which I run from unix with ruby -rubygems run.rb

I have not shown I could do this with .htaccess, but I am assuming
there must be
ways like that to hard wire this type of behavior.

So at one end, a hardwired solution, at the other end, complex
frameworks, rails, nitro.
Can this be done more lightly, in software without framework? with cgi,
erb or eruby?

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