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TkHTML progress, additional questions

Randy Kramer
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I finally made some progress setting up TkHTML and getting it to run both as a
Ruby script and within irb. (The most basic thing I have to do is start irb
(or Ruby) with prefixes like:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/ActiveTcl/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/bin/irb
(or ruby)

Somebody had told me that before, but it didn't seem to work before (I just
did a reinstall, so maybe that is the difference). (And, unfortunately, I'll
have to do another reinstall in the "near" future (maybe not for a few weeks)
because once again, readline did not get compiled in (but that was because I
had renamed readline.h a week or so ago to do some experimentation and forgot
to rename it back.)

Minor point (for me) to remember--some of the examples I tried did not include
the Tk.mainloop statement--worked much better after I added that


1. Fonts: The fonts don't look too good--I presume that when I learn more
about TkHTML, I'll find a way to change the fonts, maybe not by the user, but
hopefully within Ruby? (I'm hoping not to have to fool around in C, C++, tcl
or whatever to change fonts.)

2. Background: When I run either hv.rb or ss.rb, I get a nice white
background (i.e., this is what I want). When I run (this) sample program
within irb:

require 'tk'
require 'tkextlib/tkHTML'
doc = "<body bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\"><FONT SIZE=\"3\" COLOR=\"#000000\"
FACE=\"Courier,serif\"><b>It is</b> worth</FONT></body>"
hv =

I get a gray background, which I don't want. I presume I'll find a way to
change this to white as well, hopefully within ruby (or maybe my HTML is
totally wrong (which wouldn't surprise me))?

3. Full Screen mode:

When I run ss.rb and switch to full screen mode on my dual head machine, the
widget expands to fully cover both "heads".

Furthermore, I can't find a way to get of full screen mode except by switching
to a VT, then finding and killing the process. (I've tried <alt>f,f and
some other things I could think of.) Is there another way?

Note: These points about full screen mode are probably not a big issue--I'll
probably just disable full screen mode on the ss.rb menu (if I use anything
like ss.rb).

Randy Kramer

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