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SOAP Problem...

Jeff LaMarche
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I'm using the SOAP::RPC:river to access a web service for which I
don't have a WSDL (actually, there is one, but it's not well formed
and it the WSDLDriverFactory chokes on it).

So, I create the driver:

stub =

Now I add a method. This method takes three parameters: a string, a
long, and a long

stub.add_method('getModuleList', 'securityToken', 'userId', 'companyId')

Then I call the method. The problem is, the XML that's getting
created is specifying int instead of long for the second and third

queryRet = stub.getModuleList(security_token, user_id.to_i,

which results in:

#<SOAP::Mapping::Object:0x104d7cc>: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad
types (int -> long) (SOAP::FaultError)

Is there any way to "force" it to specify that these parameters are
long? It seems to only work correctly if user_id and company_id are
big enough to force it to go to a Bignum. Any help would be greatly


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