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[ANN] Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0

Masao Mutoh
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Ruby-GetText-Package-1.2.0 is now available.

* Re-implement Locale module and implements Locale::Object,
Locale::System, etc.
* Fix bugs.
* Apply RDoc
* Improve to support Ruby on Rails.
* Add GetText.Nn_.
* Add rmsgmerge (Experimental)


* Download

* Ruby-GetText-Package HOWTOs
* Ruby-GetText-Package HOWTO for CGI/ERB
* Ruby-GetText-Package HOWTO for Ruby on Rails
* Ruby-GetText-Package API Reference
* Ruby-GetText-Package documents for Translators

Screenshots in 10 language (Sample Rails blog) is:

What's this?
Ruby-GetText-Package is a Localization(L10n) Library and Tools which is
modeled after GNU gettext package.

The library converts the messages to localized messages properly using
client-side locale information. And the tools for developers support
to create, use, and modify localized the message files(message catalogs)

* Simple APIs(similar GNU gettext)
* rgettext command for creating po-files from files below:
o ruby scripts
o glade-2 XML file(.glade)
o ERB file(.rhtml)
o ActiveRecord (.rb)
* rmsgfmt command for creating a mo-file from a po-file.
* The po-file is compatible to GNU gettext.
You can maintain these files to use GNU getext tools.
* The mo-file is compatible to GNU gettext(msgfmt).
* multi-textdomain supported.
You can select two kind of textdomain's scope:
o A file base (default: recommanded)
o A Class/Module base (GetText::Container, GetText::ErbContainer, GetText::Rails)
* CGI support (gettext/cgi)
* ERB support (gettext/erb)
* Ruby on Rails support (gettext/rails)

Status of translations
cs - 1.2.0
fr - 1.2.0
de - 1.2.0
es - 1.2.0
it - 1.0.0 (still old)
ja - 1.2.0
ko - 1.2.0
nl - 1.2.0
pt_BR - 1.2.0
sv - 0.8.0 (still old)

Can you help us?/ Can we help you?
Join our ML if you are interested in:
* Improve Ruby-GetText-Package.
* Translators.
* Application/library owners who think to make your apps/libs L10n.
If you send us your po-files, we'll translate it!
# At least, a Japanese translator is available .



:% Masao Mutoh<(E-Mail Removed)>

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