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I'm SYCKened by the SYCK tutorial I found

Asfand Yar Qazi
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I am SYCK with disgust...

I did a search for 'syck tutorial' (without the quotes) on google - and the
first search item that came up?

"suck cock tutorial - suckcocktutorial"


That .why character is behind this, I know it!

Anyway, It would be useful if a small tutorial in how to use SYCK with C/C++
was provided.

I know you need a "symbol table", but I was thinking if there was some way to
provide stream processing of YAML documents (ala expat does for XML.)

Could I do this? I am in a situation where I could use XML, but I'm syck
(sic) of XML - specifically of libxml2 - and need alternatives.

Thanks mateys
Asfand Yar

To reply, take of all ZIGs !!
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