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Re: Dynamically create controls with non-hierarchical IDs

John Saunders
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"Simon Wallis" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I have a PlaceHolder inside a repeater so that I can dynamically add

controls to my page. Each time the repeater.ItemDataBound event fires I
create a Label and add it to the PlaceHolder.
> Now, when I create this Label, I set the ID to have the dynamic value:
> "lblSubTotal_" + strCurrencyCode;
> ASP.NET will turn this Label into a [span] tag in the resulting HTML

output, and I want to manipulate this tag using Javascript. In JS I want to
get a reference to the tag via its ID value. For example:
> objCurrencySubtotal = document.getElementById("lblSubTotal_USD");
> The problem is that when ASP.NET creates the [span] tag, it modifies the

ID value by prepending a whole bunch of hierarchically-qualified info. For
example, this is the span tag I end up with in the HTML output:
> <span

id="pbdTemplate__PageTemplate_innerHolder_ctrlBala nces_rptrAggregateTotals__
> I cannot find this easily using Javascript. Does anyone know how to stop

ASP.NET from prepending all that hierchical info and force it to use the ID
value I myself assign to the control?


Another solution is to pass the ID to the JavaScript code. For instance, if
you need to call your JavaScript on a Click event:

string.Format("MyJSFunction('{0}');", myLabel.UniqueID));

MyJSFunction will then be able to get the element using getElementById.
John Saunders
johnwsaundersiii at hotmail

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