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How is Proc object created from a block?

Phil Tomson
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So let's say you have a method that takes a block, like so:

def if?(cond, &b)
puts "b is a: #{b.class}"
if cond

call it:

if?(true) { puts "yes!" }

We know that "b is a: Proc" will be printed" (along with yes!) so we know that
when we pass a block into a method using the '&' that it 'magically' becomes a
Proc object.

But how exactly does that happen?

I tried modifying the Proc class to find out (thinking that must be
called at some point):

class Proc
alias_method ld_init, :initialize
def initialize &b
puts "Proc::b.class is: #{b.class}"
old_init &b
class << self
alias_method ld_new, :new
def new &b
puts "Proc::new"
old_new &b

if?(true) {puts "yes!"}
#=>b is a: Proc

It doesn't look like was called... So how was the block transformed
into a Proc object?

A bit of background: I'm trying to put some sort of @level class instance var
in Proc so I can determine how deeply nested in Proc's I am at any given

if?(cond){ #level==1
if?(cond2) { #level==2
if?(cond3) { #level==3

To do that I figured I'd need to do it in, but it doesn't seem to get


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